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Principal Desk

Ramakrishna vidya Mandir Sarda Balgram and all those associated with it, can look back today with pride at their 46 years of their achievements and growth – inspired by the teaching of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans Dev and Swami Vivekananda. Lt. Swami Swarupanandaji Maharaj established this educational Institution for first generation School going children. Today his vision has been translated in a reality and we are a part of that reality.

It is because of the commitment and dedicated efforts of every individual associated with this that the Institution has been taking strides towards excellence in all sphere.

The world today is posing a challenge to each one of us. We have to keep track of technologically advancing world preserving our basic moral and cultural heritage .Today when our chidren are at the crossroads of confusion, where materialism is over riding the need for inculcating human values is greatest .

The role and responsibility of the school in this sphere is indispensable. Hence, at R.K.V.M we strive consistently to strike a balance between meeting the needs of a constantly changing environment and nurturing the flavor of human values in the young minds.

My sincere gratitude to the esteemed secretory Swami Raghvendra Nandji Maharaj and Direction for their invaluable guidance and our dear students and guardians for reposing trust on Swami Suprodipta Nandji Maharaj Joint Secretory Swami Tejamayanandji Maharaj. May Thakur Shri Ramakrishna /Maa Sarda Devi and Swami Vivekananda be with us showering their blessings.

Ms. Fehmeeda Quraishi